Beckum Law is a Birmingham, Alabama Sexual Harassment Law Firm that represents employees throughout the State on claims of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace.   If you or one of your employees is being subjected to sexual harassment, an experienced employment law attorney can help you understand your rights under both federal and state law.

At Beckum Law, we are a Birmingham, Alabama employment law firm prepared to help victims of sexual harassment pursue justice. We also help employers who are facing sexual harassment claims fight false accusations and restore a productive working environment.

Types Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. It may be obvious or subtle.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment: Threatening employment consequences if the employee does not perform a sexual favor or offering employment opportunities for sexual favors
Hostile work environment: Unwelcome sexual advances or propositions, unwanted sexual touching or gestures, sexual jokes, pictures, or derogatory comments, and gender discrimination

If employees can show that the workplace conduct was offensive and that they did not consent to any of the conduct, they may be able to recover damages for lost wages, emotional distress and attorney fees. Employers may also face punitive damages.

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