Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Discrimination

Employment non-discrimination laws protect LGBT individuals from being unfairly discriminated against in the workplace by private employers. Unfortunately, not all states provide these protections. Alabama, for example, does not have any statewide laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. While there are local ordinances in Birmingham and Montevallo which aim to… Read More

Birmingham EEOC Office Helps Nurse Receive $100,000 Settlement for Disability Discrimination Suit

Many employees are not certain of their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  We often address questions regarding whether a physical illness or injury qualifies as a disability, how to properly request an accommodation, and how to respond to disability harassment in the workplace. A recent case filed by the EEOC’s Birmingham District… Read More

What is a wrongful termination in Alabama?

Alabama is an at-will employment state.  That means unless there is a written employment contract (which is rare unless you are an executive or a professional) a company can fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all.  While Alabama’s legislature has not opted to provide significant legal protections to its workers, there… Read More