Before you can file a lawsuit against an employer for discrimination, retaliation or sexual harassment you typically must file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  This special requirement allows the employee and the employer an opportunity to state their case to an investigator assigned to the charge.  Ultimately the EEOC will make a determination regarding whether they have been able to find a violation of the Federal employment laws or not.

There are two EEOC offices in Alabama.  One is located in Birmingham and the other in Mobile.  You have multiple options when it comes to preparing and filing an EEOC charge in Alabama.

First, you can call the EEOC and set up an appointment to meet with an intake specialist who can assist you in preparing your charge.  Generally, the EEOC charge identifies the employee and the employer, the Federal Employment laws that the employee alleges have been violated, and a short summary of the facts that show how those laws have been violated.  With the assistance of EEOC intake specialist, many employees are able to handle filing these claims on their own.

Another method is to discuss your potential EEOC charge with an employment lawyer before you file.  Our firm often files EEOC charges on behalf of individuals throughout the State of Alabama.  After talking with you if we determine you have a potential case, we will handle most of these claims on a contingency fee.  We only take a percentage of what the case settlement proceeds.  If you don’t receive anything, you don’t owe our firm anything.

The benefits of retaining an employment lawyer prior to filing can be substantial.  Many times an experienced employment lawyer will find claims that you may not have even identified or be able to state your argument in a way that focuses on your strongest legal claims.  The experienced Alabama employment lawyer may also help you avoid common pitfalls.

Remember that for most EEOC claims you only have 180 days from the last discriminatory act to file your EEOC charge.  If you are in need of an Alabama employment attorney, please contact us for a free consultation at (205) 588-0699.

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