Our firm has noticed a substantial increase in the number of contacts we have received regarding sexual harassment claims over the past few weeks.  It is impossible to discount the fact that more and more women are refusing to accept sexual harassment in the workplace as a result of the nationwide stories that are trending.  The moment has arrived where women no longer feel the need to remain silent regarding men using power to sexually harass, victimize or even assault women in the workplace.  Time Magazine has even gone as far to characterize this movement with its “Person of the Year” award to the “Silence Breakers”

Alabama companies are taking notice of this trend and are beginning to reconsider their practices of addressing these claims in the workplace.  I recently discussed this issue with a reporter from a local newspaper “Weinstein Effect” on Sexual Harassment Claims.  While I primarily represent employees in litigation, I do think it is a very good idea for companies to grasp this momentous change and reexamine their sexual harassment and discrimination policies.

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