A federal jury in the District of Columbia has awarded $3.5 million to a former public pool lifeguard who says she was sexually harassed by a supervisor.

The plaintiff was a life guard at the Takoma aquatic center in the summer of 2006 when she said her boss, harassed her, asked her out on dates, and repeatedly made vulgar comments to her.  After she reported the harassment to multiple supervisors, the plaintiff alleged she was fired from her position.

After a trial on the merits, the jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages along with the plaintiff’s attorneys’ fees.  In an unusual twist, the jurors also presented the judge with a set of recommendations, including that the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation review its sexual harassment policies for employees and provide additional training to its employees on addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

This verdict sends a strong message that sexual harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated by juries.  Our firm handles claims of sexual harassment and retaliation in Birmingham and throughout the State of Alabama.  If you feel you have been a victim of sexual harassment or retaliation in the workplace, please contact us at (205) 588-0699.

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