A California jury awarded a female physician assistant $168 million dollars in damages after being subjected to severe sexual harassment and discrimination related to her Armenian heritage.

During her two year employment at Sacramento’s Mercy General Hospital, the employee made at least 18 complaints related sexual and racial harassment.  Although the harassment involved numerous employees at the hospital, one surgeon would greet her each morning with “I’m horny” and slap her bottom. Another co-worker referred to her as a  “stupid chick” in the operating room and made offensive remarks about her Armenian heritage.  She was also asked by a surgeon if she had joined Al-Qaeda.

This verdict is thought to be the largest judgment for a single victim of workplace harassment in U.S. history.  While there has not yet been an Alabama jury verdict of this size, this case sends a strong message that there is little tolerance for harassing behavior by employers regardless of profession.  If you have been subjected to sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or other improper workplace conduct you should contact an employment attorney to discuss the proper course for making a complaint.

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